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Slot Machines – Demand for slots drops in Northeast

Northeast states’ demand for slot machines has dropped and many of the Casinos are reducing the number of slot machines on their casino floors.

Due to the slumping economy, and the demand for the offline & online slot machines, some casinos have reduced their inventory by 9% in the last 12 months. This is especially true for the casinos in Atlantic City. They have reduced their inventory 20% since 2005. This is when they had reached their peak of slot machines 42,000. Now in all 11 casinos in Atlantic City, they are down to 29,000.

In the States of Delaware, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New York and Connecticut, demand for slot machines has also dropped. Pennsylvania, Maine and Florida have seen an increase of their slot machine inventory on their Casino floors.

It is a common practice that casinos replace older slot machines with newer ones. However, some of the casinos are finding that since the demand for slot machines has dropped, it has affected their win per day drop, which is usually $230 to $240 win per day. When these industry-wide averages slip below these levels it creates too many capacities. Therefore, they cannot afford to add to their inventory, but instead they replace the older slot machines with newer ones.

The Demand for slot machine drops over the last year, has really taken a toll on the Casino industry. This is another sign of our economic slump. The most that some Casinos can do in this situation is just simply continue removing the older slot machines and not replace them at all.

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