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Slot Machine Tips – Part II

Slot Machine Tip #6 – Learning the rules of the game is crucial. At first, some of the slot machines can be confusing, therefore take the time to examine the rules printed on the machine.

Slot Machine Tip #7 – Progressives while playing should be avoided. Yes, some progressive slots typically have a payback percentage that is lower than other machines, although they offer jackpots in the millions of dollars. Your best bet is to stick with the lower denomination variety if you are still determined to take a shot at a progressive jackpot.

Slot Machine Tip #8 – In the long run, playing with maximum coins does not matter. The difference between maximum coins and a single coin is often less than one-percent of the total return, although many so-called experts will advise you to always play maximum coins on a machine. Progressive slots are the only exception to this rule. There is no reason to miss out on becoming a millionaire since you will need to play maximum coins in order to be eligible for a progressive jackpot.

Slot Machine Tip #9 – Play the lower denomination slot machines if you want to lose less money. Playing the lower denomination games means, you will be putting less money in on each spin, although you are going to lose more than you win on any slot. It is still surprisingly easy to bust out while chasing a payout on a five-dollar machine, the overall return on cheaper slots is less. If you stick with the nickel or penny slot machines and you will be playing for hours.

Slot Machine Tip #10 – Always use a slot card as it will allow the casino to monitor how much you play and possibly make you eligible for comps such as free meals and hotel accommodations. Using a slot card does not increase your odds of winning. If you are a frequent slots player, you can end up saving money in the long run. Registering for a free player’s card only takes a few minutes.

Slot Machine Tip #11 – Video reel slots are something one should stay away from, since these machines offer all kinds of animated features. They take longer to play than a traditional no-frills slot. By making sure the payout percentage is lower, the casino compensates for this. For entertainment value, there is nothing wrong in trying them. Winning any money in the process should not be expected.

Slot Machine Tip #12 – Casinos with the best payback percentage are the ones where one should play. This is one of the most important of all the slot machine tips. In helping you determine which casinos offer the best payback percentage, a bit of searching on the Internet should go a long way.

Be sure to keep these slot machine tips in mind the next time you visit a casino. The advice provided in this article will ensure that you will be able to play longer and smarter than those around you, while you may still end up losing money.


Slot Machine Tips – Part I

Slot machine tips are best for them who are about to hit the casinos. They are helpful in dispelling myths and imparting common-sense strategies which may (or may not) help you to win money in the long term and they can alert you to the fundamental pitfalls of playing the slots. Following are few of the important slot machine tips that have can make your gaming experience potentially more profitable and even more enjoyable:

Slot Machine Tip #1 – You need to know that each spin is entirely random on a slot machine. it does not matter whether or not you use a slot card and it does not matter how many spins have come before. even if the previous spin paid out a jackpot, each spin has an identical chance of winning. The better off you will be as a slots player, the sooner you come to grips with this sobering fact.

Slot Machine Tip #2 – One of the most important slot machine tips has to do with a game’s payback percentage is the slot machines pay out less than they take in. you’d be amazed at how many people overlook this fact, although it is a simple concept to understand.

Slot Machine Tip #3 – There are many slot machine myths and one should not fall for them. Wearing a lucky blouse is not going to increase your odds of winning. Slots do not get hot or cold. They do not care what you are wearing or the temperature of the coins being inserted, or how many times you play. on each spin, they are going to give you an equal chance of success or failure.

Slot Machine Tip #4 – You got to know that one is either lying or delusional, if one promises to share a winning slot machine system with you. All slots are designed to take in more money than they pay out, therefore there is no such thing as a winning slot machine system. People like Bill Stone and John Patrick offer to share their secrets by getting you to buy their books and they should be avoided in particular. You can also forget about the Zig-Zag System and the Martingale System.

Slot Machine Tip #5 – When to stop playing is a crucial thing to know. figure out how much money you can afford to lose before you walk into a casino. it is time to call it quits for the day when that amount is gone. there is a distinct chance that you have a gambling problem, if you lose your predetermined amount and still find yourself headed to the ATM machine. Enjoy playing on slot machines, but do not get addicted.


Casinos/Gambling – Gambling Revenue In Macau Surged in August

In China, the month of August 2010 saw a dramatic rise in the gambling revenue generated by Macau casino.

The month of August 2010 saw a dramatic rise in the gambling revenue generated by Macau casino in China. Currently, casino games are very popular in China.

There was a substantial 40% increase in August, compared to the revenue generated the same month a year earlier. Earlier in the year, the growth had slowed dramatically, compared to the heady pace that was seen in the year prior.

However, the 40% increase showed that the robust gambling center in China had clearly fully recovered from the down turn in business that was seen for the entire beginning of the year of 2009.

The second half of last year saw plenty of obstacles and problems to overcome. From a global economic down turn that plummeted many businesses both big and small, plus a swine flu outbreak that had the world panicked, as well as visa restrictions on gamblers that were on the mainland of China.

However, through all this Macau's casinos were able to shake off and make a huge rebound in spite of so many obstacles. There will most likely be an easing off of percentages rises for the rest of the year, as well as the growth slowing as well from the original 70% year to year growth rate.


East Coast Casinos Asian-American Gamblers Lured by Buffets

For the casinos and casino games in the mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, more gamblers mean more revenue. Casinos are making every effort to impress, in an effort to attract Asian-Americans to their establishments. They have been trying to cater to the tastes of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian-American groups in a number of ways.

On this segment of the gambling market that is known, hoping to capitalize, as a group, to have a propensity to gamble, the casinos have hired special consultants to help them market their product. They are printing promotional materials written in the different native Asian languages, new buffet items that are favorites of the Asian community are showing up on the menu and even are featuring TV channels in Chinese or Japanese.

To casino's bottom line, some sushi and some noodles just might be the answer.

Critics worry that casinos are targeting a specific group. At the expense of the Asian people, critics claim that casinos are practicing predatory marketing techniques. Clearly, everyone is free to make their own choice about whether or not to visit a casino. Frankly, the companies that target candy to children or alcohol to adults are more hideous than the marketing efforts of the casinos.

Everyone is looking for an edge, in the ever competitive, cutthroat casino business. To cater to an Asian market that likes to gamble, if renovating a buffet will increase revenue, then that is what will be done. Trying to stop such marketing efforts is nothing more than an exercise in futility.