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New Jersey Poll Shows Majority Support Slot Machines at Racetracks

According to results released Tuesday by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind poll, most New Jersey voters support the idea of adding slot machines to racetracks across the state, including the Meadowlands. When New Jersey voters were asked specifically about slot machines at the Meadowlands, the results came back with 52 percent of the voters agreeing to this and 37 percent against it.

More people in the central and northern parts of New Jersey showed their support for this idea, compared to other locations throughout New Jersey. The population that live near Atlantic City in the southern area of New Jersey disapproved of adding slot machines to statewide racetracks with a 46 percent against compared to 40 percent for.

According to a former casino executive and professor of a hospitality and tourism school this appears to be a regional issue as people that live in the southern part of New Jersey are concerned with Atlanta City's capabilities of maintaining itself, and the people in the north are being lured to go across the state's borders to places that are easier to get to than Atlantic City.

The poll was done by calling 801 registered New Jersey voters. This was done over a 10 day period in May. The overall results showed that the majority of voters are against adding casino game tables to areas outside of the Atlantic City area. Results were 49 percent against this and 42 percent for game tables.