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Cambodia’s Titan King Casino is set to open

Not too long ago, Cambodia began production on The Titan King Casino; the doors of this $100 million casino are being opened to the public on Feb. 26.  The casino will cover a large area of land and produce over 6,000 jobs. It will be located in Bavet, a town just out of Phnom Penh.

In a variety of different areas, the global economic crisis has taken quite a hit on Cambodia. This is a project to help rejuvenate the entertainment sector and bring in people from surrounding countries.  Currently one of the most profitable businesses in Cambodia is tourism and it has shown promise in other casinos in previous years.

People from Thailand, where gambling is outlawed are their most frequent visitors.  People cross the border to go to a casino, have a night of fun, and return home after. You can bet on your favorite casino with the sportsbooks.

Kith Thieng, a renowned business man, who has had his hands in fast food chains, hotels, cell phones, and even the banking industry, is the King Casino’s creator.  He thinks that most of the visitors will be Vietnamese, but hopes to make the King Casino into a Las Vegas of sorts.

Cambodia's stock market will post on the casino and the revenue is expected to increase by up to 30% this year alone.  This is based on surges of people from other countries, including China. Stay tuned to bet on this online casino with the sports betting group.