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The beginnings of Online Slots

Everyone in the gaming news world is familiar with the man named Charles Fey who made the very first slot machine in San Francisco in 1887. However, compared to the advent of online slots today his invention is nothing. We must ask ourselves though, where did online slots come from? Why is online slots betting so popular?

Because of the speed and vastness of the internet, the exact beginning of the online slot machine industry cannot be accurately determined. It is quite likely that the responsibility for the invention of the first online slot machine would be claimed by many different websites and/or companies. We do know that WMS Industries may have been one of the first however. This is based on the fact that they had an online slot machine game titled "Reel 'Em in" in 1996. It would be a reasonable guess to assume that WMS Industries was possibly one of the first since the internet was not available to the general public till about 1995.

Since that time slot machine games it has been proliferated throughout the internet, bringing online gambling into the homes of thousands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Betting online slots has become very popular these days. Websites like,, and are included in some current slot machine games available online. These sites among thousands bring one of Americans favorite gambling games to the world wide web; where they may be experienced by all.


Playing Slot Machines – slot machines tips

are always fun playing, especially due to the clinking noise of falling coins from the machines when you hit a jackpot. You don’t have to follow any rules or conditions to play these slot machines, but instead simply play and depend on your luck for a huge win. However, there are a few slot machines tips that you can always follow to strengthen your chances to win the slot machines.

  • Limit your bankroll: Even before you start playing the game, limit your bankroll to avoid huge losses. Also, make sure that your playing limit is not your entire bank amount.
  • Carefully select the slot machines: Selecting the slot machine for your gamble is the most important tip that you should follow. Select the machines with the highest payouts. A proper analysis is extremely important to earn the best profits.
  • Restrict your play: Never keep changing your bank limit with the passing time in the casino. You should always play with only the initial bankroll. This will stop you from losing all your money in a slot machine.
  • Play the maximum bet when playing a game: When playing a game, don’t ever give up in the initial stages. Play the maximum amount you have during an ongoing slot machine game.
  • Use Rewards cards: If available, make use of the rewards cards and thus join the rewards club to enjoy the free competitions and other promotions.
  • Play cool: Finally, never lose your mind when playing the game.
  • Follow these effective slot machines tips for a better game.

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