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Gambling in Germany

Gambling is legal in all 16 states of Germany and is entirely state controlled. Since the early 2000s, gambling has taken off in Germany and the German government generates a substantial amount of tax income from its citizens’ desire to gamble.

Germany has a long history of gambling and in fact may be the birthplace of poker and the site of the first casino. In the middle ages, the Germans played a game called pochenspie that is very similar to poker and the first public casino opened in 1764. Gambling was considered illegal under the Nazi regime who considered it counterproductive to the war effort.

According to, there are 75 casinos in operation in Germany. Its casinos are heavily regulated in an attempt to prevent gamblers from becoming addictive.
A January 2008 law forbade online gambling in any form in Germany. The ban prohibits all traditional online casino games as well as sports betting, online bingo and online lotteries.

German lawmakers defended the law by saying it was put in place to protect Germans from the perils of online gaming. Critics say the law was enacted so states could safeguard the state-controlled gambling industry. They also point out that the law is in contrast to an existing European Union law that specifically allows online gambling. Several legal challenges have been formed as a result.

Despite strict control and the illegal status of online gambling, it appears to be very popular in Germany. Profits have steadily increased over the past decade and interest has skyrocketed.


Addition of Slot Machines to Horse Tracks: Illinois State Lawmakers

Illinois State lawmakers are once again debating the addition of slot machines to horse tracks across the state, in an effort to fund proposed construction packages, including well known establishments such as Fairmount Park and Arlington Park.

To drive up funds for construction and improvements to existing facilities, the incentive is being heavily pushed by the horse racing industry. To the existing casino industry, additions of video poker machines, internet betting and slot machines in venues that exist solely for gambling of an alternate format pose a threat, which reportedly is suffering a significant decrease in revenue as it stands. Illinois State Rep. Will Burns (D-Chicago) has sponsored the bill in the House, and it has garnered bi-partisan support thus far. Suggesting that a blow to the already wounded sect of vice-based economy would actually drive the state's profits down in the long term, the majority of the proposal's detractors are on the side of the casinos.

Proponents of the bill both civilian and lawmaker have repeatedly made note of the concept of free market. To compete fairly in the gambling industry, the belief that casinos are shirking their duty has caused some to advocate the extra machines due to simple economic principles as opposed to the estimated $100,000,000 per year that the bill's sponsor has indicated as a realistic possibility. It should be noted that the horse racing industry has advocated for this legislation previously and failed, therefore only time will tell if the proposed additions will prevail.


World’s Second Most Expensive Casino Opens

On April 27, Marina Bay Sands company officials and Las Vegas Sands Corp chairman Sheldon Adelson, cut the celebratory ribbon to open the first phase of the Marina Bay Sands casino complex in SIngapore.

Marina Bay Sands is a $5.5 Billion integrated vacation resort, majority-owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp, which owns a portfolio of properties in Macau, including resorts, hotels and apartments. Marina BaySands will be one of the biggest leisure and entertainment businesses in all of Asia. There is a long list of attractions on location sure to please all ages and all types of visitors.

Some of the fun resides in the over-sized convention and exhibition facilities useful for meetings and showcases, 2,560 hotel rooms and suites accessible for customers from all walks of life, a Sky Park on the roof, a museum, and Asia's best shopping mall persisting of 300 stores.

There are also world-class celebrity restaurants, Paiza Club for premium players, and outdoor plaza and theaters. The Marina Bay Sands casino hopes to attract 70,000 - 80,000 visitors each day. It consists of two levels for mass gaming including 1,500 slot machines, online casino and two levels for left just VIPs.