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For slot machines nearly $16 million spent by Maryland

For the Hollywood Casino Perryville located in Cecil County, the state of Maryland recently agreed to spend another $15.8 million on 438 slot machines. Early in this fall, the casino is expected to open. The recent slot purchases will make total amount of money spent by the state on slot machines for this casino to an approximately $65 million dollars. Using taxpayer funding through the State Board of Public Works, the slot machines are purchased.

The recent purchase was opposed by comptroller Peter Franchot and he feels that the state should modify existing laws to allow casino operators to purchase slot machines for their casinos. Rather than the casino, the current Maryland law stipulates that all slot machines must be acquired and maintained by the state. Franchot feels that casino operators would be better able to secure machines at a fair price since the state is not actively involved in the gambling industry.

Some critics of Maryland's purchase feel that since the purchase price includes maintenance it was a fair purchase price, while others feel that Maryland's purchase feel that the state was overcharged for their slot machines. Currently slot machines are sold in the $13,000 to $21,000 price range. Maryland has paid on average $20,000 to $25,000 per machine with maintenance. Per machine with maintenance, Maryland has paid on average $20,000 to $25,000. However, they underwent strong criticism earlier this month for an early purchase of slot machines, which averaged out to over $45,000 per machine.


The Excitement of Vegas with “Live Dealer Games”: Online Casinos

To make our lives easier by creating progress in fields such as medicine in transportation, advances in technology have always worked. However, in our free time, it is the things we choose to do that often see the most advancement.

A relatively new craze in the online casino world, live dealer games, allow you to play online while still having the benefit of seeing a live dealer deal your cards via webcam. Many players have been reluctant to play against a computer rather than a real person, while gambling may have made the jump to the web long ago. Most websites have offered some kind of assurance stating their online odds are legitimate, but players have never had the benefit of actually seeing any of the code written in to the program, and for some superstitious gamblers, not seeing is not believing.

More games are adopting the live-dealer methodology, even though that is all changing now. featuring live dealers, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and sic bo have become widely popular games already, and there are even some instances of other games making the jump to the live-dealer methodology, including poker, the most popular betting game online!

To most players, the draw of live dealer games is the ability to experience the “best of both worlds” of gambling; from the comfort of their own home, they are able to play their favorite game, while still being assured that their odds are where they should be.


New Jersey Poll Shows Majority Support Slot Machines at Racetracks

According to results released Tuesday by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind poll, most New Jersey voters support the idea of adding slot machines to racetracks across the state, including the Meadowlands. When New Jersey voters were asked specifically about slot machines at the Meadowlands, the results came back with 52 percent of the voters agreeing to this and 37 percent against it.

More people in the central and northern parts of New Jersey showed their support for this idea, compared to other locations throughout New Jersey. The population that live near Atlantic City in the southern area of New Jersey disapproved of adding slot machines to statewide racetracks with a 46 percent against compared to 40 percent for.

According to a former casino executive and professor of a hospitality and tourism school this appears to be a regional issue as people that live in the southern part of New Jersey are concerned with Atlanta City's capabilities of maintaining itself, and the people in the north are being lured to go across the state's borders to places that are easier to get to than Atlantic City.

The poll was done by calling 801 registered New Jersey voters. This was done over a 10 day period in May. The overall results showed that the majority of voters are against adding casino game tables to areas outside of the Atlantic City area. Results were 49 percent against this and 42 percent for game tables.


East Coast Casinos Asian-American Gamblers Lured by Buffets

For the casinos and casino games in the mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, more gamblers mean more revenue. Casinos are making every effort to impress, in an effort to attract Asian-Americans to their establishments. They have been trying to cater to the tastes of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian-American groups in a number of ways.

On this segment of the gambling market that is known, hoping to capitalize, as a group, to have a propensity to gamble, the casinos have hired special consultants to help them market their product. They are printing promotional materials written in the different native Asian languages, new buffet items that are favorites of the Asian community are showing up on the menu and even are featuring TV channels in Chinese or Japanese.

To casino's bottom line, some sushi and some noodles just might be the answer.

Critics worry that casinos are targeting a specific group. At the expense of the Asian people, critics claim that casinos are practicing predatory marketing techniques. Clearly, everyone is free to make their own choice about whether or not to visit a casino. Frankly, the companies that target candy to children or alcohol to adults are more hideous than the marketing efforts of the casinos.

Everyone is looking for an edge, in the ever competitive, cutthroat casino business. To cater to an Asian market that likes to gamble, if renovating a buffet will increase revenue, then that is what will be done. Trying to stop such marketing efforts is nothing more than an exercise in futility.