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Slot Machines Confiscated, Sugar House Casino Opens

Last week, Arlington police seized four slot machines and more than $15,000 from an Arlington convenience store.

At the Texaco Food Mart in the 900 block of East Pioneer Parkway, Officers also arrested an employee in Wednesday’s bust. For the eight-liner machines, Rezene Solomon Haile, 30, is accused of providing cash payouts.

Haile faces charges of gambling promotion, possession of a gambling device/paraphernalia and keeping a gambling place.

The owner, who was not named because charges have not been filed, is in danger of losing his TABC license, certificate of occupancy and franchise with Texaco, police said.

The owner was sent two letters by the Arlington police notifying him that the machines were illegal and a violation of his certification of occupancy. He replaced them a short time later throughout the year, although he continually pulled the machines out, police said.

Arlington police Vice Unit, Arlington police Vice Unit to remove such machines or risk criminal charges and losing the ability to operate in Arlington.

Amidst all such seizures, Sugar House Casino is set to open to the public this Thursday, boasting 1,600 slot machines and 40 gaming tables. Neighbors are expressing concerns about security in their community once the doors open and it will become Philadelphia’s first gaming hall.

The casino expects to draw over 2 million people a year as per the reports by Fox 29’s Dave Schratwieser.

The 1,600 parking spaces at Sugar House are simply not enough to accommodate visitors, told neighbors in the area surrounding Sugar House. They are also afraid of increased crime rate, increased traffic, crowd overflow and drunks.

Sugar House security is headed by Former Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Tony Dilaqua and he promises the casino will keep the area safe and be a good neighbor.


Casinos: Sands Corp. Looking For A Name Change

A change in name is what Las Vegas Sands Corp is contemplating as it builds two new gambling sites in Macau.

Since 1989 when it purchased the Las Vegas Sand Hotel, the organization has been operating. Since then the Corp has spread its wings as it now also operates resort in Singapore, a casino in Pennsylvania and the Venetian and Palazzo resorts in Las Vegas, three other casinos in Macau.

The change in name could come as early as November when they have their next board meeting, said a company spokesman, Ron Reese. He suggested that to their current and future image, changing their name to something more global would be more fitting.

The company is often thought of as only a Las Vegas company, with the current name. They would be recognized as a company that also serves other areas of the world, with a change to something more universal.

It would be a similar decision to what MGM Mirage did in June when they changed their name to MGM Resorts International, if Las Vegas Corp was to change their name to something more global. It is impossible to say if the name change was indeed spurred by the locations they operate in or as a competitive measure against MGM Resorts International, as the two companies are rivals.


Online gambling in Mexico

Mexico put forth a law that prohibited the majority of gambling options in the country and it lasted for more than 50 years. There is a lot of money available to the countries that support it, over the years, but it has become more and more clear that gambling has its downside.

In Catholicism, the people of Mexico are deeply rooted. They do not allow it and the religion does not believe that gambling is a way that God would like His children to use money.

There was a lot of money available in gambling and casino games online, which Mexico could see, within its borders, and on the internet, online, the country eventually decided that they would allow some types of gambling to start business.

There are many countries around the world that held off on online casinos because of ethical issues, although, the internet gambling is clearly a profitable business.

For a sub 18 year old, it is easy enough to get onto the computer and masquerade as something that he or she is not. With people that are over 18 years old, there are likewise other issues too.

Of a poor individual who is not completely capable of making his or her own adult decisions, the online casino could seriously take advantage. With this, to have this avenue open up for the general public online, it is very dangerous.

In many countries, including Mexico, the gobs of money that are available have somehow overcome these ethical issues. Actually, the online lottery is one of the most famous forms of gambling in Mexico.

In Mexico, the online gambling scene has definitely provided more money. Within the bounds of another country, it is easy enough to break the law and gamble. Many countries are giving in, because of this and just deciding to take the profits for themselves.


Casinos/Gambling – Gambling Revenue In Macau Surged in August

In China, the month of August 2010 saw a dramatic rise in the gambling revenue generated by Macau casino.

The month of August 2010 saw a dramatic rise in the gambling revenue generated by Macau casino in China. Currently, casino games are very popular in China.

There was a substantial 40% increase in August, compared to the revenue generated the same month a year earlier. Earlier in the year, the growth had slowed dramatically, compared to the heady pace that was seen in the year prior.

However, the 40% increase showed that the robust gambling center in China had clearly fully recovered from the down turn in business that was seen for the entire beginning of the year of 2009.

The second half of last year saw plenty of obstacles and problems to overcome. From a global economic down turn that plummeted many businesses both big and small, plus a swine flu outbreak that had the world panicked, as well as visa restrictions on gamblers that were on the mainland of China.

However, through all this Macau's casinos were able to shake off and make a huge rebound in spite of so many obstacles. There will most likely be an easing off of percentages rises for the rest of the year, as well as the growth slowing as well from the original 70% year to year growth rate.